"Put your best foot forward no matter the situation you are given;
allow your light to always shine."
- By Justine Turner

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CTV Coverage of Emancipation Day 2016

Emancipation Day 2016

Emancipation Day 2015

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We would like to thank you for logging onto our site.
Just Eventzz is a volunteer company offering a pallete of extraordinary shows. Just come on board and you will see for yourself. Just Eventzz is passionate about protecting tomorrow’s future today!

Our mandate is to always put your best foot forward no matter the situation you are given, allow your light to always shine. This has been our motto here at Just Eventzz and it has always worked for us. Allowing us to develop creative shows thus helping the future of our community and businesses.

Let your light shine!

Justine D. Turner

founder Justine Diane Turner

Justine D. Turner


School Bus Fashion Show

school bus fashion show

The School Bus Fashion Show is one of Just Eventzz on going events, and is one of our greatest achievments. Children from the city of london participate and show off their true self while enlightning others to do so as well.

Coming to Covent Garden Market, date to be announced.

Emancipation Day Celebration

Martin Luther King

The Emancipation Day Celebration was a great success last year. A special thank you to all the individuals who performed and spoke. You can be a part of the celebration this year on Monday August 7th, 2017.

About the film

Finding Freedom in the Forest City…a film and documentary about black history, landmarks and many colours and creeds who made up this forest city. In partnership with Justine Turner and the City of London.

An important name to mention is Mark Drewe, Film Maker for Mosaic Mind Pictures.

During black history month Finding Freedom in the Forest City will be shown at the Wolf Performance Hall at the London Central Public Library Citi Plaza, 251 Dundas St. at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday February 11th , 2017.


jusTeen is a part of the Just Eventzz website where we address common issues with teenagers and keep them up to date on the upcoming events that are taking place in their community.

We believe it is crucial to get todays youth involved with the community in order for them to not fall into peer pressure, bullying, drugs and other negative aspects that todays teenagers have to face.

In order to see how you can get your Teenager involved with the community and to read more about jusTeen click on the button below.

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