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- By Justine Turner

School Bus Fashion Show

Coming to the Covent Garden Market Covent Garden Market Date to be announced.


Brought to you by Ontario Driving School.

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The School Bus Fashion Show is a show about why bullying is not fashionably acceptable and being kind to one another is. We encourage all children from the age of 3 - 18 in the city of London, to participate in this event. Throughout the 14 years that we have been doing the show it has proved to bring unity within the youth of the city.

By showcasing each childs individuality by letting them express their own style on stage in front of a crowd, helps bring courage to the youth and assures them that they are perfect the way they are, no matter what anyone thinks.

Covent Garden Market

The Annual School Bus Fashion Show will be coming to the Covent Garden Market, downtown London. Any questions or general inquiries about the School Bus Fashion show you can contact Justine Turner at justine@justeventzz.com

Highlights Part 1

Highlights Part 2

We were the first company in Canada to start an anti bullying message!

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