"Put your best foot forward no matter the situation you are given;
allow your light to always shine."
- By Justine Turner

Videos of all variety of events done in the past year.

School Bus Fashion Show

Highlights Part 1

Highlights Part 2


A-Channel News Clip in 2009

CTV Coverage

Compliments of CTV

Emancipation Day 2016

Emancipation Day 2015

Emancipation Day 2014

Emancipation Day 2013

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Justine Turner hosting Ontario Place Theme Song 2005
Inspired by Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Finding Freedom in the Forest City film trailer and sneak peeks

Main Trailer

Sneak peek #1

Sneak peek #2

Sneak peek #3

Nala Turner Singing "Good Morning Song" to God

Nala is a rescue dog. She came to me on February 11, 2010. Nala came from a Mennonite community in Buffalo, New York. She was used primarily to breed puppies. A lady named Jennifer who lives there has dedicated her life to rescue adult dogs from Mennonite communities. Once the dogs are at a certain age, they're no longer useful to these people. So they either give them away and if there is not a home to find for them they put them "down". Nala's vocal cords were cut from this Mennonite community. I was told Nala should not be able to bark. I would sing the "Good Morning" song to Nala every day. Approximately two weeks later, Nala sat up in bed and while I was singing the "Good Morning" song to her she started singing the tune to "Good Morning to You". Nala is approximately 15 years old. She is my baby girl and I just Love her. She is god sent to me. I thank God for her.

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